November, 2018: “Jornadas 150 Aniversario Amistad España – Japón” in Granada

In November the Association CASA JAPÓN will celebrate the ” The 150th Anniversary Diplomatic Relations “Spain and Japan” with the theme: “Deepening relations by a common future.”

We wish you would accompany us in our events and that you could enjoy Japanese culture in Granada.

Main Events:

  • Entertainment: Traditional Ryukyu Dance and Music of Okinawa, Flamenco and Japanese music.
  • Japanese calligraphy workshop.
  • Conferences: Economics, Science, Health, Aikido, Flamenco and Architecture of Japan.
  • Film screening: Japanese films “RASHO-MON” by Akira KUROSAWA, etc.
  • The 150th anniversary ceremony and tasting of Japanese sake.


Please refer to the following Spanish edition of our home page for our detail of program: